Why add a non-stylish large wipe case that is boring, white and old to a Nursery? We know that chic moms wants to be stylish even when they are changing diapers. That's why we are pleased to offer chic moms a fabulous handmade trendy baby nursery wipe cases that is unique and one of a kind to spice up the baby's nursery.

Our baby wipe cases will keep every mom in style. Wipe cases are covered in stylish designer fabric that add a fun and stylish twist to diaper duty! It will also add the perfect touch to any baby gift!

The handmade nursey wipe cases can also be used for first aid kit, pens/pencil, crayons, small toys, hair accessories and so much more. The possibilties are endless.

All of our wipe cases are filled with any brand wipes to your preference. 

We have many fabrics to choose from. If you are looking for a specific color or design, please let us know. 

Due to the amount of custom requests, please allow 2-4 weeks turnaround time as each case is handmade!